Lecture “Polygenic models, lab tests and drug prescriptions in the Michigan Genomics Initiative”, Samuel K Handelman, Ph.D, 07/06/2018 at 12.00

Center for Medical Genomics – OMICRON is pleased to invite everyone interested to listen to the lecture entitled “Polygenic models, lab tests and drug prescriptions in the Michigan Genomics Initiative”, which will be given by Samuel K Handelman, Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. The lecture will be held in the conference room at the Department of Medical Biochemistry, ul. Kopernika 7 in Krakow, on 07/06/2018 (Thursday) at 12.00.


Lecture abstract:

We tested for associations between polygenic scores derived fro the UK Biobank “UKB” and cell count-, obesity- or liver-related outcomes and corresponding laboratory measures in the Michigan Genomics Initiative, by which patient genotypes have been linked to the Michigan EMR. Our analytical pipeline utilizes mtCOJO to produce polygenic scores (using only summary data) which should be orthogonal for different liver, metabolite, cytokine and blood-cell-composition traits. Numerous significant associations are found, especially between polygenic scores and laboratory measures. There is evidence for overfitting, but even in the well-powered UKB study there is not strong evidence for signals below the genome-wide significant cutoff. However, the likelihood ratio tests are not conclusive on either question. These association tests include adjustments for prescribed drugs, and we will describe technical challenges related to biased-missingness of drugs and treatments as longitudinal covariates. Finally, we will outline steps needed to pose these drugs-genetics relationships as forward problems. In presenting this material, we hope to stimulate application-specific interest relevant to the optimization of “western lifestyle” drug regimens against a heterogeneous genetic landscape.


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