OMICRON at 2014 Festival of Science

During this year’s edition of the Festival of Science -“With science through the ages”, the OMICRON Laboratory was presented as an independent unit of the Faculty of Medicine, JUMC for the first time as the Centre for Medical Genomics – OMICRON. The Center presented itself on the hot day of May 23rd, 2014 in the courtyard of Collegium Nowodworskiego in the hours from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Our stall was decorated with three roll-up posters, which presented the Centre and its research capabilities. An additional element of our stall was a film presentation, which showed the main research methods and equipment being applied and used by staff members of the Centre. A small exhibition of research equipment which is used for conducting routine experiments, for example, electrophoresis equipment and a transilluminator, was prepared by our staff members. They also presented agarose gel with visible, separated DNA fragments, impressive experiments with dry ice and extracted pea DNA by using a method anyone can try at home. A short history essay combined with a quiz and prizes was prepared for all who wished to participate. The topic of the quiz perfectly highlighted the motto of the Festival, due to the fact that it concerned the most important steps (milestones) in the history of DNA discovery. Each of the visitors, young and old, received comprehensive answers to questions concerning the work of the Centre and all the different aspects of genomics. Our stall also offered a number of different OMICRON – dedicated promotional products i.e. pens, flyers, notepads, t-shirts with the OMICRON logo.


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